Friday, April 1, 2011

So Clever

Laura & I were so clever today with our April Fool's day office prank...

please notice all the "paper clips"

Thursday Laura & I started scheming about a April Fool's joke to pull on the office.  We determined the best prank we could pull would be the "paper clip". 

So Thursday afternoon we copied an entire ream of paper, double sided with a paper clip on the sly while the office was quite and everyone was in meetings.  This morning we slipped "our" ream into the printer and just waited for the comments. 

At lunch I was getting a little frustrated because no one was saying anything and I thought we would have to repeat the prank again on Monday to get the full effect.  But then around 3pm Munah (if you know her, this will make you laugh) started to get frustrated because of the paper clip and the fact that the copy repair man had been in the office earlier this week and she needed to call him again.

It wasn't until 5:15pm or so when Dan (he had the low-down on the prank the day before) asked me how my prank went.  That's when light bulbs started to go off & everyone started to put two and two together. 

Yes, people!  It wasn't someone accidentally leaving a paper clip on the copier all day, but two very clever girls.

High Fives all around for Alyssa & Laura!!

Happy April Fools!!!

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