Sunday, February 6, 2011

An observation of Equinox at 10am on Sunday

This morning I went to the gym (I usually go during the week at 6am and Sunday's after 5:45 mass) here are a few things I noticed:

- All the anorexics either just wear sports bars (which they don't really need) or shirts that are low cut that show off their disgusting chest of bones.
    1. Its just gross, I'm at the gym to get in shape and attempting to lose my little pouch and I don't want to see your bony, skinny non-existent body. Your body is not aspirational.
    2. Its not attractive and I would make the assumption most gentlemen do not find that sexy.
    3. No matter what you're body looks like it should be required that a shirt is worn in the gym.

- I saw the biggest freaking rocks EVER.  This one lady had a diamond the size of her knuckle.
    1. I didn't know they really came that big &
    2. Who wears rocks that size at the gym?  Is that you weight lift with?
    3. It all clicking now, her gym bag was a LV large tote, totally practical

- The "older" ladies have full make-up & hair
    1. Do they not plan on sweating at the gym today?
    2. Don't they know its bad for your skin?  Oh, wait they have the top dermatologist & plastic surgeons to ensure everlasting "beauty"

- Ladies work out with their hair down? Seriously?
    1. Why? Don't you get hot? Doesn't it get all over the place? Do you really look that bad with your hair up?
    2. I just don't get it

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  1. I never understood working out with your hair down. It just doesn't make sense to me at all!