Monday, February 14, 2011

Fate Wanted this Weekend to Happen

For this blog post I will have a co-blogger, my best friend Meggy.

February 12th & 13th just happen to be one of the best weekends EVER.  I think fate wanted it to happen. I really do because everything went right for Megan & myself.  On Sunday Megan and I decided there were some major topics points that needed to be discussed, so lets get this weekend recap happening. 

1. "Flying There"
I arrive in San Diego on Friday night, Saturday morning bright and early (5:30am) I wake up and prepare myself for a romantic weekend with my best friend Megan in Palm Desert/Rancho Mirage.  I get to Megan's in Newport Beach by 7:45am and we're on the road to the desert in no time.  On the drive we catch up on life, gossip and share one of Pat's famous coffee cake muffins for breakfast.  We arrive to the Westin Resort by 9:45am, a two hour drive took up an hour & fifteen, we "flew" there.

2. Early Check-In
Megan had requested a 10am early check-in, but we all know no hotel will "confirm" your requested time, but low & behold our room was ready at 9:45am when we arrived.  Ah-mazing!

3. 45-minute Towel Rule
As in typical fashion we hit the pool as soon as we dropped our stuff in the room.  But by the time we got there at 10am all the best chairs in the sun were "reserved" with people's miscellaneous clothing articles & folded pool towels.  Not to be deterred Megan asked the pool attendant if we could take two chairs on the other side of the pool in the sun and the pool attendant gladly removed the misc clothing articles and towels so Megan and I could get some much needed vitamin D.  Well, about an hour and a half later the original occupants arrive at the pool baffled as to why the entire row they "reserved" is now down two chairs.  I so kindly informed them to speak with the pool attendant and once they returned they spoke among themselves that the pool attendant spoke of a "45-minute" towel rule. Megan and I were just little bit proud of ourselves.  Its unfair to think that even if you get to the pool at 8am to "reserve" a chair that it will be there two hours later, if you do not stay at the pool you fore fit your reservation.

4. Delicious Lunch by the Pool
By 11:45am the cabana boys started working the pool area with menus for food and drink.  By 12:30 after eating almost the entire bag of mini-goldfish it was time for lunch.  We opted to share a Ceasar Chicken wrap for lunch with an adult raspberry lemonade to wash down the yummy goodness.  Much to our surprise the wrap was HUGE and actually quite delicious.

5. The Obama lookalike: chair incident, potential pool sex then cuddling make out session
There was an Obama lookalike at the resort.  Megan first spotted him when he asked her to take a picture of himself and his girlfriend.  But we didn't connect the dots until he got into a "chair incident" with another couple behind us.  Unlike our sly takeover of someone else's chairs one couple just took over Obama and GF's chair when they were on their way back from a massage, they're incident included one pool attendant, Manager and guys peacocking trying to state their claim all for two chairs in the sun.  What people will do for some vitamin D.  We then spotted Obama and his GF very close in the pool, I suspect they were doing the “dirty” in the pool.  We cannot confirm but it sure looked like they were.  After the pool sex they hen cuddled up on the pool chairs and had a very public make-out session.
We thought it was Obama
6. Ducks in the Pool
So randomly there were two ducks who swam in the pool all day.  I'm not sure if this is safe but I guess they have enough chlorine in the pool that its "OK".  Story continues at dinner #7
7. Amazing Dinner
Per a recommendation from my parents, we went to dinner at 3rd Corner in Palm Desert.  And it was delicious!  And for some reason 2/3 of the items I ordered had duck confit.... I'm thinking the ducks in the pool had something to do with my meal choices.  But by far the best dish we had was the mushroom white truffle risotto, OMG it was good!!

8. Making Friends at Dinner/Fro-yo with peanut butter sauce
While listening to the couple behind us hear the dessert options our ears perked up when we heard donut pudding.  I leaned over and asked our dining neighbors how their dessert was, as we were very curious as to how it was.  They opted out of the pudding in lieu of getting frozen yogurt.  The husband then went into detail about the frozen yogurt shop they were heading too, the clincher - they had peanut butter sauce.  Due to the amazing marketing skills of the husband we ended up at Beach House frozen yogurt for dessert and the peanut butter sauce was everything he described and more.  Megan and I are googling to find where we can purchase our own bottle.

9. Bed by 8:30
We returned from dinner to the resort with the thought of taking a bottle of wine to the jacuzzi but ended up talking ourselves out of it and ended up crawling into bed at 8:30pm.  
Own beds + hotel beds + 10 hours = amazing sleep

10. Pool by 9am
If it was news to you, we were at the pool by 9am because where else would we be?

11. In-N-Out for Lunch
As if fate wasn't so kind we pulled into In-N-Out to find a parking spot in front.  With no line to order and snagging the last open table before the rush we enjoyed our favorite.  The only healthy part of this lunch was we were good and opted out of the milkshakes.

13. Pit Stop for Shopping
After circling the lot 3 times and becoming frustrated with those assholes who walk through the parking heading to their cars we gave ourselves one more lap before we gave up & fate was once again so kind to us when I saw a car backing out and I screamed at Megan to pull in.  We hit Coach (no luck), Furla (luck for Alyssa) and then Carters (our nephews and my niece are very lucky) we had a successful quick shopping trip.

Like I said before, best weekend EVER and per Megan "I wish we could relive the weekend." Me too! Me too!!