Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Vacation Recap = Food

So instead of recapping the boring details about what I did during the day I thought I would recap about all the yummy food I ate...

Sunday Dinner - A nothing special dinner with my parents.  Dad made BBQ chicken with rice & broccoli.  It wasn't the greatest meal I had during my vacation because I grew up on chicken, rice & veggies so I'm not a huge fan of that protein.

Monday Lunch - Fidel's in Solana Beach!  Had lunch with the Hammond's and got my first fix of real Mexican food.  I had a margarita, chips with guacamole and a shredded beef enchilada.  Oh Mexican food, how I craved it and it fulfilled every morsel of my being.

Monday Dinner - Dad made braised beef short ribs with mashed potatoes.  OMG it was soo good.  Best Valentine's dinner I've ever had.

Tuesday Lunch - Vincenzo Ristorante Italiano in Little Italy with Kim, Mom, Taylor & his Friend.  It was great company with two bottles of wine and some good food.

Tuesday Dinner - I had dinner with Michael at Hexagone in Hillcrest and it was good, like lick your plate clean good.  Our appetizers were delicious and our entrees were to die for.  If it wasn't uncouth I would have ordered a second round of my dinner because it was that good.  Then after inhaling our dinners I convinced Michael that Golden Spoon would be a great idea for dessert AND it was! 

Wednesday Dinner - Mexican again at  Tony Jacal's.  Our family's favorite Mexican restaurant, my Dad's been going to Tony's since the 70's.  For dinner it was my parents, my brother & his family and our family friend Steve.  Again with the margaritas, chips and guac and this time I had a cheese enchilada and a carnitas soft taco.  I salivate even thinking of eating at Tony's.

Thursday Happy Hour - Sonoma had a happy hour in San Diego while I was home, yay!  It was at Rock Bottom in La Jolla, food was OK, it was more the catching up with old friends that made a worth while night.  Though my sister-in-law Teresa would beg to differ on the food since she became obsessed with the mushroom wraps.

Friday Dinner - Lasagna! I helped my Dad make lasagna on Friday night and I have to say I did a pretty good job following his directions because it turned out to be amazing and best part it was very cheesy.

Saturday Dinner - Grandma came over for an early dinner.  Dad made bone in pork roast with mushroom risotto and asparagus enjoyed with a great Pinot Noir.  Then Mom made chocolate bread pudding (the Paula Deen version with croissants) and fresh whipped cream for dessert.  It was a very decadent and uber delicious meal.

Sunday Breakfast - Potato Shack with Ben! It was like a late start High School morning all over again.  I had my favorite a banana and chocolate chip pancake, man hole cover size! I only hate half, so I brought the other half home for Jackson.  He was very excited about his pancake breakfast.

So those were the highlights of my weekend and I think I gained about 15 lbs, but it was totally worth it.  Guess it's back to the gym and weight watchers...

oh & here are some pics..

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