Saturday, May 15, 2010

Work Friends

I’m currently listing to Elvis Presley and wishing I were alive when he was shaking his hips on the Ed Sullivan Show, but that’s besides the point.

Today I got to do something that maybe girls my age have never had the opportunity to do. I had brunch with my work friends, girls that have made living in NYC for four years so worth it. Melanie came back to NYC for a special visit and the five original CS girls had brunch. It funny how much we know about each other’s lives and how we keep on top of each other's upcoming major life events. I know many of my college friends have never experienced what I get to experience with these girls in their jobs. We’re all the same age, expect for Michele (the Grandma, a year older) and we started working together 3 years ago and have been close friends since.

I just wanted to express how lucky I feel we are that we’re able to gossip not just about work about each other’s lives and truly care about what’s going on with each other. And now if only they would respond to “please rescue me” bbm’s.

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