Saturday, March 3, 2012

Farm, Fart, Figs...

No, that's not it...

Lent started on Wednesday, 2/22 and in the first week of Lent I said my favorite 4-letter word 19 times, 20 times if you count the 1 time I said it on Thursday, 3/1.  The Church is really going to rake in the mad donation on Easter Sunday from this Lent project of mine. 

This has turned out to be harder than expected.  It's easy to give it up in normal circumstances when I would just let it fly out of my mouth consciously, but that word just slips out more than I know when I'm not paying attention.  That is why I get props for my comedic timing of my f-bomb dropping from Mike & Jean crooks (and I drop them like its hot with out even knowing it).

Here's to doing better this week, maybe only 15 or 10 f-bomb drops.  Or else I'm going to be broke by East Sunday and The Church is always going to expect a large $$ offering from me each Sunday. 

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