Thursday, January 6, 2011

"We Will Quit Sexting"

Alex sent myself and Megan a link to a post about dating & love resolutions for 2011.  These are just so awesome I had to share...

"We Will Quit Sexting": 25 Dating and Love Resolutions for the Ladies in 2011

A new year has just begun, and it’s time for clean slates and fresh starts – in our lives and in our hearts. There’s no better time than now to sit down with a blank piece of paper, an open mind and the determination to rock our love lives in 2011.
To get you started, raise your glass and toast to following BettyConfidential's 25 New Year's relationship resolutions:

1. We will not call, text or Facebook him twice in a row. No matter how desperate we are to hear from him. (Remember that little word, desperate.)

2. We’ll give Mr. Nice Guy a chance. And give Mr. Bad Boy the boot.

3. We’ll teach Nice Guy a few of Bad Boy’s bedroom moves.

4. We will not shave our legs before a first date. (We’ve finally learned not to trust ourselves to make him earn it; we need a little insurance policy.)

5. We will get friskier with our boyfriends/husbands; occasionally even in a public place (or on a public mode of transportation).

6. We won’t abandon the rest of our lives (including friends and family) just because we’ve met someone new.

7. When he sends us a one-sentence email, we will not respond with 10 paragraphs, two YouTube videos and three photo attachments. From here on, he gets fewer syllables than he sent.

8. We will smile at handsome strangers on a daily basis.

9. We will list d-bag dates in our iPhones by their character flaws. We’ll never again accept calls from “Only Dials Me When He’s Drunk Dan,” “Still-Married Marcus” or “Broke My Heart Twice Ted.”

10. We will stop telling ourselves we are too old, too plump, too skinny, too busy, too boring or too short for love. Self-love begets other-love.

11. We will quit sexting cold turkey.

12. We will make a habit of slapping on some lipstick and a smile before we walk out the door. Mr. Right could be waiting on the elevator. (Of course, if he’s truly Mr. Right, he’ll love you with plain old Chapstick – but that smile is crucial!)

13. We’ll invest less in thinking about wedding dresses and invest more in our retirement accounts.

14. We will not “friend” a guy we just started dating on Facebook. Nor will we prompt him to change his relationship status. We will remember that real life is better than virtual life.

15. We will stop kissing frogs who don’t turn into princes. And vice versa.

16. We’ll learn to trust our intuition more – and take our friends’ and families’ criticisms and/or dating advice with a healthy grain of salt.

17. We will get out of our comfort zone and be open to trying new ways to meet men.

18. We will give anyone who cheats on us the Jesse James treatment. (Thanks, Sandra!)

19. We won’t be afraid to define the relationship before we sleep with him.

20. We will throw out all of our silly dating “deal breakers” involving height, eye color, fashion sense and nose hair.

21. We will write new dating must-haves that include kindness, honesty, love and partnership.

22. We will take a breath before we start a fight with our significant other about something that won’t matter tomorrow morning.

23. We will remember why we fell in love with our significant other to begin with – and tell them often.

24. We’ll use our backbones more often than our wishbones when it comes to love.

25. We’ll spend more time with guys who make us laugh

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