Saturday, January 1, 2011

"That only happens in the movies"

So yesterday I was on the hunt for the perfect sparkly top for New Years Eve.  I was leaving Bloomingdales after an unsuccessful trip around the store walking down 59th Street heading towards Lexington Ave from 3rd on the phone with my Mother.  As I'm walking down the street I see a gray Jeep speeding up the street trying to pass the cab on their right and then it happened, something that only happens in movies... I got splashed, seriously splashed with cold, dirty slushy snow/water.  My entire left side was soaked from head to toe and worst part a cute guy saw the whole thing and gave me a sad face.  As I try to shake off the incident and continue my journey to H&M I walk by the cute guy and he says, "That only happens in movies", apparently not anymore!

So like Carrie in Sex & the City (30 sec - 34 sec)....

but 10 times worse, more like this, but unlike the idiot boys it was not welcome....

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