Friday, November 5, 2010

My little art project

I finally hung my before surgery art project last night at 10pm, probably to the dismay of my neighbor. 

Ta Da!

Its not perfect nor nearly as smooth as the fully bellies I saw in the instruction packet, but I'm not Martha Stuart so I think this is pretty good for me. Some people (Amy) might think its weird that I'm hanging by boobie mold (I prefer 'bust') in my apartment, but I think its clever and could be considered "modern art".  Hey, all the Mom's-to-be hang their whole bust & belly in their kids rooms decorated like lady bugs or fully bronzed.  I think I'm keeping it pretty simple, its also hanging in my bedroom and not in full view of any one who walks in.  And doesn't mean I have to keep it up forever, maybe eventually I'll send it to my parents house where all my old relics are stored.

Some perspective on location
I already can't believe how big my boobs once were... Crazy what a little over a month out of surgery can do to you.  Feeling better than ever, the surgery was the best decision of my life thus far.

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