Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite Holidays mainly because there is no judgement on the amount of food consumed. And I consume food like a fat person at an all you can eat Vegas Buffet.  Oh, and I am thankful and all that other stuff that we're supposed to be at this meal.  But let's be honest, it's about the food.  I'm pretty sure the Native Americans aren't THAT thankful the Pilgrims stole their land, gave them small pox and eventually destroyed their culture and land.

Back to the food: there are donuts from L&M Bakery (sinful) when you first wake, then quiche for breakfast when Jonathan finally wakes up.  Then we digest until 3pm when Happy Hour starts when we will have more appetizers available than dishes on the Thanksgiving table.  Finally at 5pm Tom comes out of the oven and we feast on all the traditional American dishes.  Once we've cleaned our plates its time for at least 3 different varieties of dessert.  I suspect that I will gain at least 5 pounds from all the food that will be so joyously shoved down my throat.
Illustration from the L&T archives
After dinner we attempt to watch a movie, this year I brought Bridesmaids.  I'm not sure how my stomach will feel laughing so much while intensely full.  Friday I will wear spandex and a mumu to work to cover the small Thanksgiving food baby and starting on Sunday I will begin fasting until I lose all the Thanksgiving weight.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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